Why Video Content Is The Heart of All 2020 Marketing Campaigns?

Why Video Content Is The Heart of All 2020 Marketing Campaigns?

The internet has become a dynamic place to run our businesses and ventures, examined from last year’s standpoint. Now, more people use this medium to buy products and services and their attentiveness towards certain content types is what the internet is being engineered with. It’s true that the competition is tough but the right content placed in an interactive way still hits virality and proves to be lucrative for their company. But, over the years, why has the video content gone from 0 to 100 very quickly? The experts state that such content will be the heart of all 2020 marketing campaigns. Let’s explore how far the video content has come with statistical and circumstantial viewpoints.

The Statistical Scenario

  1. In 2019, the time spent over watching the video content was 84 minutes. However, in 2020, it spiked to up to 100 minutes.
  2. 2015 is considered a banner year for the video content as this medium had hit a new virality.
  3. The online brands quote Explainer & 2D Animation Videos to be twice as engaging and lucrative when it comes to building a thriving content marketing strategy.
  4.  The online advertising budgets for video content went from $45 bn in 2019 to $65 bn in 2020.
  5. The internet viewership claims that 79% of the customers require an explainer video or the  2D video animation to grasp on the new products and their technicalities online.

2D Animation Videos: What We Need To Know About This Content Format?

1) Simple & Concise:
The Explainer or 2D video animations are simple and concise, building the customer’s understanding and saving their time with their conciseness. Such videos are famous for storytelling the complex ideas into understandable narratives. Therefore, the explainer and 2D videos makes the understanding of any sort an icing on the cake. An ideal video content is somewhere around 90-120 seconds which customers laud and share to the fullest. Save the viewership from the long & parched videos. Instead, get the explainer and 2D videos online.

2) Quality Content:

The explainer and 2D video animations are a pathway to delivering the quality content on all social media platforms to empower our campaign. It saves us the hassle of using generic and ill-formatted videos that create a mundane impression. Moreover, the quality of the content is parallel to your market credibility, which deciphers a new level of competitive edge for your brand. Get high-quality animation videos.

3) Tremendously Targeted: 

It’s no secret that the 2D videos hold up the responsibility of targeting the niche market or whatever our target audience is. It saves time and ensures that each video has a tailor-made essence which is then used to disrupt the competitive business marketplace. Moreover, for the explainer and 2D video animations, a target is set during the design phase to fulfill the requirements. The explainer video content creates a bridge of communication by targeting an audience on specific terms.

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