Is It A Smart Move To Get How-To Videos For Your Brand?

Is It A Smart Move To Get How-To Videos For Your Brand?

Video Marketing has branched out in the form of various video types, such as “Explainer”, “Whiteboard”, “Educational” and “Social Video Ads”. However, the growing trend is also stemming from “How-To” Video Format that enables customers to learn gigs on command. This video type clutches on infotainment, which is data-driven but it does not shape up into the cliche product manuals that customers merely read at the time of unboxing.

Over the years, how-to videos have become a must-have guide for complex & relatively more technical products & services that require methodical arrangements to work. It is suggested that 72% of customers reckon to watch “How To Videos” before making a purchase. Likewise, their growing trend in the Hardware industry is an exception. Let’s find out if it is a smart move to get animated how-to videos.

1) Problem Solving Stance:

The how-to videos offer a problem-solving stance for various matters. Whether it’s the decade-old hair colour hack, issues arising in the household chores or a technical glitch in your device, such videos offer a meaningful way to tap into their antidote by using highly comprehensible gestures for the viewers. Moreover, 2D how-to videos offer a lighter take on complex subjects due to their vivid colouring and smooth character movements.

2) Empathetic Tone:

No wonder the empathetic tone is far more important in video marketing. It means the video is directly addressing the problem and adding a sense of belongingness. Here, the “U” attitude is important when it comes to making HOW-TO Videos. It’s no coincidence that we relate more to these videos when it comes to problem solving and understanding.

3) High Demand Viewership:

How-to videos have come a long way with their success and demand gradually penetrating the mainstream video marketing. At one point, it seemed impossible to deliver exclusive solutions from a minute-long video. But, as we moved forward, the problems went overboard and more customers began using the internet as a place to find solutions. Today – virtual assistance is at the forefront since numerous websites offer high demand how-to-videos, which, in turn, doubles organic traffic and lists the web platform well on the search engines.


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