8 Superb Video Animations That Serve Your Business Purpose

8 Superb Video Animations That Serve Your Business Purpose

Video content has profoundly impacted consumer buying behaviour especially over the online outlets where e-commerce commercially sugarcoats the visitors with sensational offers. Since its inception, this type of digital content has been making waves and a gamut of companies show a dire need for trailblazing video animations; so much so that now it is now an integral part of sales.

Having been recognized by the most valued companies in the world, video content is here to stay with a 3-fold paradigm of building anticipation for the customers to explore, check and order your products & services. From a brand’s perspective, whatever we launch is challenged by the mass audience and goes through various stages such as the “Awareness“, “Consideration” and “Decision” which adds new importance for 2D video animations. Explore 8 superb 2D video types that solely serve your business purpose online.


1) Educational Videos:

Educational videos embark on enlightening the minds with conceptual designs and a narrative approach. Recognized in the awareness category, these videos help institutes and companies with their academic endeavours.

2) Brand-Based Videos:

Brand-based videos serenade your company’s USP’s and existing offers with new and old customers. They help in refreshing the brand connection and marking your presence after a long halt of activity.

3) Social Media Videos:

Social media videos ignite a new stance of engagements and interactivity over populous social platforms. They’re a bit of commercial and educational sort.


1) Explainer Videos:

At this stage, when consideration for buying the product meets the problem statement, the explainer videos nip in and make the buyer’s journey more confident and well- informed. Explainer videos state a problem and deliver its solution. These videos frame the question: ” what’s in it for us”?

2) Whiteboard Videos:

Fist-moving videos that use doodles to conceptualize your ideas and concerns on a whiteboard are the new charm in the realm of video content. Such videos offer a comprehensive content approach and ensure customer enlightenment.


1) Product Videos:

It has become extra important to keep your content digital and infuse real-life feels. This way, all customer queries would be answered. The same is up with the product videos that are specific, interactive, and concise. Such videos give a last-minute digital push to customers for making a purchase.

2) FAQs & Q/A Videos:

These videos are well-versed, informative, and acquire the most conscious product issues to put into the light of truth. The FAQs and Q&A videos go to the far-reaching complexities of the product/service and brighten the minds that wish to buy them.

3) How-To Videos:

How-to videos offer a grand take on setting up the products or using the service in a relevantly coherent way. It deals with the insights and preparations of the products bought online, replicating a digital manual.

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